Spring Preschool Music Lesson Plan (Going on a Picnic!)

There’s something about the end of the school year that makes all of my brain cells go dead. Anyone else? The ideas don’t flow as freely as they do earlier in the school year. So when I put together this lesson plan and it worked like a *charm* in my preschool and kindergarten music classes, I had to share!

Here are the songs for the Going on a Picnic music lesson plan. And more importantly, HOW I use them.

picnic lesson plan.png
  1. Use the Hello Song of your choice! (Here are my favorites.)

  2. Going On A Picnic by Raffi is a PERFECT song to use in a group. You can play the theme of the song and then challenge the kids to choose what they would like to bring on the picnic and add them to the song.

  3. Watermelon, Watermelon has been a HUGE hit with my preschool and kindergarten groups. It includes a hand clapping pattern and there are other opportunities to challenge kids with an optional “C” section. (Check out a video tutorial HERE.)

  4. The Ants Go Marching is a perfect picnic song. We tried to find FOODS for the ants to eat, (“The ants go marching one by one, the little one stopped to eat a plum!”) and it was TRICKY, but tons of fun. There may have been some ants eating shoes, plates, etc. It had us laughing and it really got them thinking out of the box!

  5. Silly Dance Contest by Jim Gill is one of the best movement songs out there, hands down! Here’s how I use it.

  6. A picnic isn’t complete without Peanut Butter & Jelly! Here’s Lisa Loeb’s version that translates perfectly to a group setting.

A professional recording of “Watermelon, Watermelon” is going out to our FREE Song-of-the-Month Club email newsletter in mid-May! Have you signed up yet?

(If it’s after May and you’d still like this song, email me at musicforkiddos@gmail.com and I’ll send it to you and put you on our free Song-of-the-Month Club email newsletter!)

BEST OF LUCK in your last few weeks of school!

xo stephanie