Spring Songs for Kids

Singing seasonal songs with kids may seem somewhat rudimentary at first, but the educational impact they can have is much greater than you might think.

By using seasonal songs, you're reinforcing the current season, orienting the child to the time of year (and the concept of a calendar), introducing the life cycle, and reinforcing the fact that they adapt to seasons (ie: clothes, activities), whether or not they realize it.  

My goal is to find songs that reinforce child development while being fun, catchy, and not too cheesy. So.... here you go! My favorite spring songs for kids!

by Charlie Hope 

If All The Raindrops Medley

by Stephanie Leavell

by Caspar Babypants 

by Charlie Hope 

by Laurie Berkner 

Mr. Sun

by Stephanie Leavell

by Bobby Day 

by Raffi

by Rabbit!

by The Beatles 

by Laura Doherty 

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Find the whole playlist on Spotify HERE!

Happy spring!


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