Stephanie Leavell, MT-BC

A mom, music educator, performer & board certified music therapist. 



Let's face it... with kids in the house, nobody has time to sift through hundreds of songs to find those magical few that your child will listen to over and over again. There are LOTS of children's songs available, but that typical "kid music" isn't what my daughter responded to. We (both) needed music that was: 

1. The right tempo, volume and instrumentation (babies and kids can be easily overstimulated).

2. Meaningful lyrics and a pleasant sound. These songs are going to be embedded in the memory of your child's first years. Let's find music that you like, too!

3. Real instruments and an awesome singer. A good quality recording.

This site is full of high-quality music recommendations with some original songs mixed in there, too. Be sure to check out the personalized lullabies-- lullabies featuring a child's name, personality traits, family members, etc. I have loved making those for kids all over the world! I hope you enjoy!


Stephanie is the creator of Music for Kiddos, a website to help parents and educators find the music that's right for their kiddo. She's mom to a spunky young daughter, a seasoned performer, an experienced music educator, and a board certified music therapist. Stephanie is a Berklee College of Music graduate and is passionate about using music to help kids succeed. She has started multiple thriving music therapy programs and specializes in working with babies and kids through age 6.  

Stephanie jokes that she has a low tolerance for cheesy music. She carefully selects (or writes) music for her own daughter to improve their nightly routine, ease transitions, help her get her energy out and to encourage her to share her feelings. Music cannot be "prescribed", because the effectiveness of music is largely due to a child's preference. But this is a starting point... some tried and true music that you might find helpful, too. Music from her family, to yours.