music for kiddos community

Resources + A supportive community.

When I was a medical music therapist, I was the only one in the hospital. When I was a music educator, I was the only one in the school. When I was a private music teacher, I was one of the only ones in town. When I owned a music therapy private practice, we drove off to our various sites where we were… you guessed it…. THE ONLY ONES.

When I started Music for Kiddos two years ago, I thought I was just sharing my quirky children’s songs + early childhood resources. What I didn’t know?

I found my people.

The COMMUNITY of early childhood experts has been the very best part of Music for Kiddos. HANDS DOWN. I am just one person in this community. Put us all together, and we are a WEALTH of knowledge and we can help each other love our work & excel beyond belief.

Plus, we work with KIDS! We’re doing some of the most powerful and important work out there. By supporting each other and sharing resources, we’re helping more KIDS get the support they need. All through music. What a beautiful thing.

Will you join us?

By joining our community, you get:

  • An online library of 150+ early childhood music resources. Videos, songs, downloadable mp3s, chord charts, lyric sheets, lesson plans, visuals, playlists, and MORE.

  • New resources added weekly including a monthly lesson plan + implementation video.

  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT! A monthly video call where you can bring your questions, challenges, and triumphs into a supportive community of like-minded music therapists and educators. We want to get to know you!

  • A private Facebook group just for us.

  • A tight-knit community. This community is limited to a small number of founding members and will not open up again until 2020 so we can focus on our founding members.


We are SOLD OUT for 2019!

Registration opens up again in 2020. Want first dibs? Our email list subscribers get VIP access. Sign up HERE.


  1. Who can join? Is it just for music therapists? This is for anyone who interacts with kids and uses music!! You might be a music therapist, a music educator, a preschool teacher, a student, a parent, a private instructor, etc. If you aren’t sure if you’re welcome… well, YOU ARE! Join us!

  2. I’m an introvert and I don’t know about these video calls… can I join and not do those? YES!! I am also an introvert and 100% get it. If you’d like to stick to the resource library, lesson plans, weekly resources, and/or private Facebook group, please do! You will get zero pressure from me to do anything you’re not comfortable with. We’ll record the video calls and post them so that you can watch them later (if you want!).

  3. Can I join for just a month? No, sorry! It’s an annual membership only. We will open up to new members 2-3x a year so we can focus on the group that we have.

  4. I can’t join right now. Can I join at any time after this initial launch? You’ll have to wait til 2020 when we open up the community again. We’ll be excited and ready for you!

  5. I’m located in a really different time zone (Asia/Europe/Australia). Will I miss out on much? No! Most of these resources are available for you to access at any time. We will try to find a time for the live calls that works for most people. If it doesn’t work for you, you can always email me questions to include in our discussion. The videos will be recorded and available for you to watch later!

  6. Are your online courses included? They are not. Literally everything else I’ve ever created is in in the resource library, but not the online courses.

  7. Do you have any discounts? Yes! If you are a STUDENT or you’ve taken one of my ONLINE COURSES (Music Therapy Ed’s Early Childhood Music Toolbox or Ukulele for Kiddos), I’m offering a $30 discount for the first year. Just email me ( and I’ll confirm your registration/student status and send you the coupon code!

  8. If I go buy the ukulele course now, can I still get the $30 off? Sure! It’s basically like getting the ukulele course for free. Go for it!