10 Songs for Kindergarteners

Music for Kindergarteners

"I'm bored..." is the anthem of many kindergarteners. They need music that's complex enough to keep up with their quick-thinking and ever-learning minds!

Research tells us that the right music implemented in the right way can help improve attention, increase motivation and reinforce learning. But first we have to figure out what music to use. The most important factor in figuring out if music can help with attention, motivation and learning? Whether or not they like it!

Start paying attention to what changes in your child when certain music comes on. (Do they dance? Do they become quieter or more talkative? Do they move closer to the music? Do they seem to notice the beat, the notes or they lyrics first?) Take note of these clues and they'll give you ideas for future uses of music. 

We're going to dive into a lot of ideas of how music can be used to help kids at home and at school. What do you want to hear about? Comment below and let me know! Meanwhile...

Here you go! These are my absolute favorite songs for kids ages 5-7.

(Remember, you can't "prescribe" music and its effectiveness is based on a lot of factors. This is a starting point... some new songs for your rotation!)

by Laurie Berkner

by Caspar Babypants

by Renee & Jeremy

Hole in the Bottom of the Sea (Coming soon!)

by Stephanie Leavell 

by Laurie Berkner

by Frances England

by The Beatles

by Rabbit!

by Kira Willey

by Caspar Babypants

Get the whole playlist HERE. 

Overall Best CD:


I also highly recommend the song We Are the Dinosaurs by Laurie Berkner, a repeat from the preschool post. Every kid I've ever met loves it. Every. Kid.  

Together Is Better is an awesome Disney Jr. song that I've only been able to find on Youtube. It's perfect for kindergarten classrooms. (Teachers, try using it as the daily song to cue the end of an activity. Teach the students that they have the length of the song to clean up and get back to their seats. Encourage them to sing while the song is playing!) 

What do you think? Are there any new songs in there that your child loves? Did I miss their favorite? 


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