10 Songs for Preschoolers

Preschoolers are my absolute favorite. They're wacky, silly, cuddly & strong willed... I can't get enough. While they're endearing, they can be challenging when they're doing what they're developmentally supposed to be doing: testing boundaries. The week when my 4-year-old insisted on walking to the car as slowwwwwly as possible was a particularly fun one in our household.

Testing boundaries tends to show up at times of transition (like, ahem, trying to leave the house when we're late and we gotta GO). Music can be a miraculous tool for easing those transitions. There are no limits-- take your toughest transition and try it. We use specific music while brushing teeth, cleaning up, getting out the door and in the car on the way to school (to calm nerves). 

More info on transitions and what you can try with your kiddo HERE. Meanwhile, here are some songs to try-- my 10 favorite songs for preschoolers. It's an eclectic list. What do you think? Please share your favorites, too! I'd love to hear them!

 by Laurie Berkner

by Elizabeth Mitchell

by Laura Doherty

by Kesang Marstrand

 by Laurie Berkner 

 by Lisa Loeb

by Caspar Babypants

by Charlie Hope

by Laurie Berkner

by Charlie Hope

Get the whole playlist HERE.

Overall best CD for preschoolers:


A close 2nd:



Be sure to check out my recommendations for toddlers and kindergarteners, too. There's some overlap and you might find something great for your preschooler in there, too!


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