2018 Holiday Gift Guide

As a mom, I’m always trying to find holiday gifts that are truly useful and have some substance.

I look for gifts that foster creativity, imagination, development, confidence, problem solving, motor skills, and more. On top of all of that, they have to be super fun and engaging. Needless to say, I have pretty impossible standards!

Music gifts are a great option for many of the goal areas I listed above. Yes, they support development, but they also have the potential to inspire a life-long love of music. There’s nothing better!

Here are my top music picks for 2018!

  1. Kalimba - This kalimba is perfectly in tune and has notes labeled with both letter and numbers (1-7, corresponding to the key of C). Kids can learn songs, improvise melodies, and explore the unusual order of notes!


2. Headphones for Kids- My daughter has these and they’re EXCELLENT for traveling. Plus, they have a perfect maximum volume, so I rest easy knowing she’s not damaging her little ears!


3. Keyboard/Digital Piano with weighted keys. Emphasis on the weighted keys! If your kids are taking piano lessons, it’s important that they learn on something that feels like a real piano. This does— and this is an incredible price for an instrument of this quality.


4. Dan Zanes’ House Party: A Family Roots Music Treasury— This is something I’m SO excited to get myself. A beautiful book of folk songs with their history and beautiful illustrations weaved in. It’s written by Dan Zanes and fellow music therapist Claudia Eliaza— two people in the children’s music world who really know their stuff!


5. Harmonica- I don’t know about you, but I distinctly remember carrying around a harmonica for a few months of my life as a kid. Exploring… sounding out songs… driving my parents crazy, I’m sure. I’m getting one for my daughter this year so she can have the same experience! (And I’m getting her one that’s in tune… for my sake and hers!)


6. Ukulele Starter Kit— I’ve given away SO many of these… and this is the exact ukulele I have and love. It’s a high quality instrument that comes with everything you need to get started. Easy-peasy!


7. Move It, Move It! A children’s music CD that parents tell me THEY love! Buy a physical copy HERE or digital downloads HERE.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 6.00.53 PM.png

8. Cajon- If you aren’t familiar with these instruments, click on the pic below and watch the video! There are so many sounds all in one instrument— tons of fun! (For older kids + adults!)


9. Chimes— Yes, chimes. And guess who they’re for? The littlest in the family! Chimes are SO fun for babies. They can kick them with their feet, reach for them with their hands, explore the different sounds they make, and watch them crash together.


10. A Personalized Lullaby— This is one that most people don’t think of— a lullaby featuring your child’s name, family members, personality traits and features! Professionally recorded by a board certified music therapist. Buy one HERE.


11. A Music Book— This book/song is PERFECT for preschool and kindergarten thanks to the focus on sequencing and the food chain. There is a great animated YouTube video that goes with it, too!


12. Desk/Hand Bells— These come in a C scale (perfectly in tune) and you can play them by tapping or by picking them up and shaking them. Kids love these!


Did you have a toy, an instrument, a CD or a book from your childhood that launched you into a life-long love of music? If so, comment below and tell me about it! Meanwhile, let’s get music into the hands of kids this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!


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