10 Songs for Dancing with Kids Ages 0 - 6

Sometimes when the house is a disaster, tempers are short and the energy is endless... it's time to dance. I believe dancing with your child can build memories, release tension and can even contribute to increasing their confidence.

Just a personal opinion here, but I feel strongly that it's valuable for kids to see their parents (or teachers or relatives) unapologetically do things like dance or sing when the opportunity comes up. I'm an introvert and understand that this idea makes some people squirm... but even if it's just in the comfort of your own home and your skill level is questionable... who cares!? Show them there's nothing to be ashamed of!! 

Are you looking for some songs to dance to? You can download this whole playlist on Amazon Music and use it instantly. 

by The Beatles 

by Justin Timberlake

by Ladybug Music 

by Caspar Babypants

by Cake

(from Shrek) by Lipps Inc. 

(from Madagascar) by Will.I.Am

by Pharrell Williams

by Caspar Babypants

by Baha Men


So there you go! Some of these songs are shamelessly silly... let loose, embrace it and get dancing!




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