Summer Music for Kids (and 2 activities to try!)

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When the sun is out and the days are long... there's nothing better than relaxing with some new music and staying up until the sun goes down. 


The kids are bored, the house is a little more chaotic than you'd like and it would be JUST GREAT if the sun could just go down a fewwww hours earlier so the little ones go to bed and you can have some peace and quiet tonight. 

That, too. 

Never fear, music is the great organizer. Don't get me wrong, it can absolutely cause chaos by being overstimulating. But the right music can also draw in a child's attention and help them focus and calm. (More about that here.)  Here are a couple of things you can try:

Art and music: Select some medium tempo music that your kiddo hasn't heard and set them up with some watercolors or paint. Encourage them to paint how the song makes them feel or what they hear in the music (or if they're little, just let them paint). If they sit, settle down and get into it, choose songs that get gradually calmer and quieter. (That just might increase their attention.)

Music outside: Go outside and crank some upbeat music. Help your kids find 2 sticks to use as "drum sticks" and have them explore and see what things in nature (rocks, dirt, trees) sound like when we pretend they are drums. If you have a group, gather the kids, make a dramatic announcement ("INNNTRODUCING!! The WORLD FAMOUS ____!) and have the kids put on a show. Cheer like you've never cheered before, because... summer!

Want to try some new music? Here are some of my favorite summer songs for kids:

by Caspar Babypants

by Elizabeth Mitchell

by Rabbit!

(from Robin Hood) by Roger Miller

by The Beatles 

by Caspar Babypants 

by Katrina & The Waves 

by Owl City

by Charlie Hope 

by The Beatles 

Get the whole playlist HERE. 

There are some good ones in here that can encourage new ways to play. I'd love to hear what your kids come up with... please comment below and let me know!


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