10 Songs for Babies


As an exhausted new mother, music was my saving grace. It helped coax my daughter to sleep, it connected us when I sang to her, it made me laugh (when I realized she loved Beyonce!), and I even ended up using a song to help me when I was frustrated (read more about that little miracle HERE). 

Music is not one-size-fits-all and every child is going to react differently. In this list, you'll find music that could work for sleep/rest, music for play time, music for learning, etc. We could get really complicated here, but we're not going to! Plain and simple: these are my all-time favorite songs for babies. 

by Laurie Berkner

by Elizabeth Mitchell

by Renee & Jeremy  

 by Laura Veirs 

by Elizabeth Mitchell & Lisa Loeb

by Frances England

by John Lennon

by Lisa Loeb

 by Laurie Berkner

(for parent-assisted play!) by Caspar Babypants

Find the whole playlist HERE. 


Best OVERALL CD for Babies:


(It's so sweet and sentimental for parents, too.)


What do you think? Did I miss your favorite? Please comment below... I'd love to hear from you!


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