10 Empowering Songs for Kids

As kids grow, it's amazing to see how much they absorb from the world around them when it doesn't look like they're paying attention. More than once, my husband and I have shared a knowing glance that says, "Oh, she was listening." Music applies, too. 

I suspect that lyrics can have a direct impact on things like self-esteem and self-worth in kids.  But I don't put TOO much stock in that. My 4-year-old's favorite song is Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (from the movie Sing, so it's actually Bad Romance courtesy of the pig, Gunter). It's slightly embarrassing when she's belting it in the middle of the grocery store (emphasis on slightly, because I secretly kind of love it), but from a music therapy perspective, it's all good. 

I DO make sure the content and language is appropriate. Most popular music is a mishmash of nonsensical syllables and words on repeat. (Aka: "Ga-ga-oooh-la-la.... rah...rah..." Uh oh. Now that'll be in my head all week. Yours too, sorry.) The takeaway? They're listening. 

Here are my favorite songs to give a child's self-esteem a healthy little boost! (Click for previews!)

by Sara Bareilles 

by Katy Perry 

by Miley Cyrus 

by Sara Bareilles

by Journey 

I Can Do Things

by Stephanie Leavell

by Auli'i Cravalho

by Elizabeth Mitchell 

by Johnny Nash

by Katy Perry 

Get the whole playlist in a jiffy right HERE on Amazon Music. 

Happy Listening!




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