FOUNDING MFK COMMUNITY MEMBERS!!! I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for believing in this community and joining me on this adventure. I am SO EXCITED to work together to create a community of support, encouragement, and early childhood resources. As we get going, here’s some helpful info:

  1. Let’s get the Facebook group going! That’s where most of our communication will happen. Please friend me on Facebook (here is the link) and then I will be able to add you to our private group. (The group won’t be found on search— Facebook calls it a “secret” group.)

  2. Feel free to peruse the resource library! I’ve been combing through every one of my notes over the years to make sure everything I’ve ever created is included!

  3. There will be some big group activity about once a week starting in August, usually on Mondays! (I say ‘usually’ because life, sickness, kids, etc!) Here’s the resource + support schedule:

    1. 1st Monday of the month: Our live ZOOM group calls will be the 1st Monday of every month. The exact time is something that we will decide together so we can get as many people attending as possible! I will send out the ZOOM link and a reminder via email every time we have a call.

    2. 2nd Monday of the month: A new early-childhood music lesson plan + corresponding implementation video will be added to the site.

    3. 3rd Monday of the month: The Song-of-the-Month + guitar chords/lyrics + mp3 will be posted.

    4. 4th Monday of the month: SURPRISE!! I’m going to surprise you with an extra resource! What might it be? An interview, a freebie, a visual, etc. Is there something specific that you have in mind? Let me know and I just might create it!

    5. 5th Monday of the month: On those rare 5th Mondays we’ll have another SURPRISE resource or an extra ZOOM call.

More information to come! Please feel free to contact me via with any questions. I can almost always get back to you the same day!



Stephanie Leavell, MT-BC