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Banana Lesson Plan

banana lesson plan.png

Five Senses Lesson Plan

five senses.png

Halloween Lesson Plan

Shy Little Monster CHORDS.

Dem Bones CHORDS.

Them Bones CHORDS.

I Love Halloween CHORDS.

Halloween Lesson Plan.png

Holiday Lesson Plan

Holiday lesson plan.png

Hot Chocolate is found in the “Seasons” section.

Fish Lesson Plan

lesson plan-fish.png

A preschool lesson plan that can be easily adapted to be appropriate for kids up to age 6!

Check out “All The Fish” and “This A Way” in the Movement Song section!

Frog Lesson Plan


Monster Lesson Plan


Picnic Lesson Plan


Watermelon, Watermelon is in the “Seasons” section.

Silly Dance Contest is in the “Movement Song” section.

Peanut Butter & Jelly is in the “Voice/Vocal Songs” section.

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

I Hear The Drum Play is in the “Instrument” section.

Wiggle A Lot is in the “Movement Song” section.

I’ve Got So Much To Give is in the “Holiday” section.