December Holidays

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Fun Christmas Music for Kids

Ahhh... holiday music. I'm a sucker for the classics. A remake rarely beats out the original recording. (Snoop Dogg Blue Christmas, anyone? Oy vey.)

When we were trimming the tree this week I started digging around for a playlist of cheerful holiday songs. So many of the classics (Let it Snow!) are love songs. Fine with me (I'm a sucker for those, too), but I can already imagine the protesting I'd get from the 1st - 3rd graders I work with. LOVE SONGS ARE EMBARRASSING when you're approximately 8 years old.

I didn't find the playlist I was looking for, so I made it. It's a medium-to-high energy playlist that captures the excitement of Christmas. It's perfect to play around the house, in a classroom, at a Christmas party, during that car ride to Grandma's house, etc. 

(Read the full article HERE.)

Nutcracker Cup Game

ACT 1: MARCH by Tchaikovsky

This is a challenging activity for kindergarten and up! Much like the Pitch Perfect “Cup Song”, you can create a cup game with a group of kids to go along with this Nutcracker march. Great for sequencing, motor coordination, and group collaboration!

Holiday Lesson Plan

holiday lesson plan


Halloween Lesson Plan

Shy Little Monster CHORDS.

Dem Bones CHORDS.

Them Bones CHORDS.

I Love Halloween CHORDS.

Halloween Lesson Plan.png

I Love Halloween

by Stephanie Leavell

I Love Halloween CHORDS.

Monster Boogie

by Laurie Berkner

The way that you end this song has a big impact on its effectiveness. Consider adapting it to “the littlest monster that you’ve ever seen” and falling asleep at the end.

The Shy Little Monster

by Stephanie Leavell

A Halloween song about a Shy Little Monster who needs some encouragement from his friends. Not scary and a kid favorite for ages 0-6! Can be used with the book or without. Can be used with guitar or without.

For the chords/lyrics, click HERE.

Download the e-book HERE.

Downloadable mp3 below!

Halloween Songs

10 Halloween Songs for Kids

by Stephanie Leavell

When Halloween comes around, the music therapist in me is always searching for songs that are engaging enough for a wide range of ages, have musical depth, and have lyrics that are challenging yet developmentally appropriate.

Read the full article HERE.

Monster Lesson Plan



I’ve Got So Much To Give

by Laurie Berkner

This is a great transitional song because it incorporates taking a deep breath and letting it multiple times. It’s great to help kids transition from a more active song to one that is less active and requires more of their attention. (The kids I work with KNOW that this song is coming if they’re too “bunny speed”.) Also wonderful for a Thanksgiving theme!

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Songs

by Stephanie Leavell

I Can't Help Myself, I may as well embrace it and put a Little Love in my Heart. Here are some kid-friendly songs about L-O-V-E that aren't too mushy! (Read the full article HERE.)