Personalized Lullaby

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Personalized Lullaby


A child's name, personality traits (ex: brave, kind) and features (ex: tiny toes, bright eyes), and the names of all family members sung in a beautiful, professionally recorded lullaby. 

Digital download.

The turnaround time is 1-2 weeks. If you need it sooner, please email Stephanie at Every effort will be made to get you your lullaby as quickly as possible! 

*Ordering for multiple kids? Independence is so important! We'll make sure that siblings do not get a similar-sounding lullaby!*

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Your child's very own lullaby...

As a music therapist (and a mom!), I have helped countless families implement peaceful and effective bedtime routines for their little ones. They're a lifesaver-- and the right lullaby used in the right way is an essential part!

Did you know that the same lullaby used night after night can "cue" sleep for your little one? My 4-year-old still yawns within the first few notes of her lullaby-- something she's done since about 8 months old.

Sleep aside, these lullabies can also nurture connection and affection right before bed. Pretty soon, it'll be the most precious time of your day.

Parent Testimonials: 

"Stephanie personalized a lullaby for each of my two children, and I can't listen to them without getting tears in my eyes; they are so beautiful and touching. We are blown away by Stephanie's talent as a singer and composer of music. Our youngest loved her song so much, she kept asking for more songs just like it! We will treasure them forever. Stephanie's personalized lullabies are a priceless gift."  - Juliet M.


"We LOVE the personalized lullabies! I can't emphasize it enough! The first time I heard them I cried-- they are so sweet! Both my 8 year-old daughter and 1-year-old son listen to them nightly before bed. Within the first few notes of his song, my son knows it is time for bed and he hums to the music as he sways to his room. (Like the Pied Piper, my husband describes.) Before we had these lullabies our bedtime routine was often a struggle, especially with our youngest. Their personalized songs take the place of me saying "Kids- it's bedtime" and offers us all calm, relaxing music that reminds us of our love for each other as we make our way to their bedrooms. 

By asking us just a few questions, Stephanie made these songs to so clearly represent my kid's personalities and also our love and gratitude for our kids. My daughter says hearing her name in the song makes her feel special and reminds her of how much she is loved. They're just perfect!" -Melissa K.


"Stephanie is simply incomparable. She created lullabies for each of our two sons. Beforehand, she talked with us about what we’d like to have in the song—how we’d describe our kids, the names of family members we’d like included, and a few other details. She absolutely worked magic with those words and crafted two beautiful (and entirely distinct!) songs that truly felt hand-tailored to each of our boys and their separate personalities. My wife and I just wept through our first couple listens.

She also has a voice that seems to have been made for this very job. If you wanted to pick the perfect voice—a voice to communicate the sweet, tender, authentic love you have for your child—and you conducted an audition of 100 singers, I’m confident you’d pick Stephanie without a second thought.

We will cherish these songs forever, and our 4-year-old absolutely LOVES his as well. The specialness of having his own name and likeness in a song was not lost on him. We are SO thankful for this one-of-a-kind treasure, and we would recommend Stephanie and her work til we’re blue in the face." - Brock R.